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Triathletes In Motion with Marc Evans

Marc Evans is an experienced triathlon coach who’s with some of the greats including Dave Scott. He’s recently finished a book, “Triathletes in Motion” which goes into great detail about how to develop better movement patterns, core stability and posture for triathlon. Traditionally, the focus of swimming and triathlon is volume, intensity, training periodisation and doing a particular work out […]


5 Things All Swimmers And Triathletes Can Learn From Katie Ledecky’s Freestyle

[three_fourth_last]Katie Ledecky smashed the women’s 400m freestyle world record last week in a time of 3:58.86. Here’s our top 5 freestyle technique takeaways from the swim. 1. Don’t Hang Around (While Breathing) This image shows Ledecky after taking a breath. She’s gets her breath quickly and returns her face back down right away. Her lead […]