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Triathletes In Motion with Marc Evans

Marc Evans is an experienced triathlon coach who’s with some of the greats including Dave Scott. He’s recently finished a book, “Triathletes in Motion” which goes into great detail about how to develop better movement patterns, core stability and posture for triathlon. Traditionally, the focus of swimming and triathlon is volume, intensity, training periodisation and doing a particular work out […]


Smart Training Hacks For Triathletes

In this video I am going to share with you some smart training hacks for you to improve your triathlon swim training. In the recent triathlon world championships held in New Zealand, one of our swimmers who uses the Effortless Swimming Workouts won his age group in the 45-49 years age group for Olympic distance […]


How to Maintain Your Swim Pace in a Triathlon

Welcome to the first triathlon news video. Today we’re going to cover a couple of things including what you can do to maintain the same pace in a triathlon, how you can best warm up for a triathlon so you don’t take a few hundred meters to get into it and we’re also going to […]


Kevin Koskella interview and Tri Swim Secrets bonus

In this post, I interview Kevin Koskella from TriSwimCoach.com. Kevin’s a well-known Triathlon swimming coach from California who I’ve recently gotten to know. He’s considered one of the best online (and offline!) swimming coaches around. He reveals some great tips to shaving minutes off your triathlon times.Swimming background Kevin became a swimming coach after he […]