Should You Wear A Wetsuit?

Do you need to wear a wetsuit? I have been doing a number of triathlons lately and what I have noticed is that in the shorter events, the sprint triathlons where you are doing 400m – 500m swim the majority of swimmers are wearing wetsuits when the water is not to cold. I believe based […]

How To Change Your Technique For Wetsuit Swimming

What changes should you make to your technique if you’re wearing a wetsuit compared to swimming without a wetsuit? Well if you’ve got a good wetsuit then the chances are you’ll be swimming higher in the water than you normally are. 0:14 – Good Wetsuit = Swim Higher 0:25 – Create less Drag With a […]

How to Choose a Wetsuit With Craig Percival from Aquashop (Melbourne)

How it works is the more you spend, the more floatation you get and the more flexibility you get. The Helix has a 1mm arm and then lots of cuts and different shapes. Whereas with Sprint, it’s just a very basic suit. 00:10 – How to Choose a Wetsuit 00:39 – Does the Distance of the […]