What changes should you make to your technique if you’re wearing a wetsuit compared to swimming without a wetsuit? Well if you’ve got a good wetsuit then the chances are you’ll be swimming higher in the water than you normally are.

0:14 – Good Wetsuit = Swim Higher
0:25 – Create less Drag With a Good Wetsuit
0:56 – Use Your Hip and Shoulder Rotation When Wearing a Wetsuit

So a good wetsuit is very buoyant, and that means that your legs won’t be sitting as deep in the water as normal. And what that means, and it’s good if you’re not a strong kicker, it means that your legs would be sitting high which means you’ve got less drag but also it means you won’t get as much propulsion from your kick. So a change that you might need to make is you reduce your kick. So you just wanna kick your legs to time the rest of your stroke but you also wanna keep your kicks very small. And that’s gonna reduce the amount of drag that you create. And I’ll just mean that you go through the water using your hips and your shoulder rotation and also your pull. So if you’ve got a wetsuit on, then practice doing this. Doing smaller kicks, less kicks but using your hip and your shoulder rotation to drive yourself forward as well as your pull.

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This open water videos in this weeks news are taken from the Open Water Mastery program.

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