On the weekend I had to put up some shelving in our house which was a new experience for me. I had never done it before so I had to learn it from scratch. To be honest I got pretty frustrated when I got something’s wrong, I had to re-do some things and it took me quite a while to do. In the end the result was worth it, the shelves look good, I got them up and I know I could do it in a third of the time if I did it again.

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It is just like learning something new in swimming. Similarly when you go through some of the drills in the mastering freestyle program, you might be putting yourself in a different position in the water than you are used to. It might be frustrating to feel that it is something different to what you are used to, however in the end when you persist and you get the feeling for it the results are worth it.

Don’t be afraid to learn something new with the swimming, try something new and see what your results are like. That is the only way to improve your swimming by continuing to test new things and seeing what works for you.

That’s it for swimming news this week I’ll see you next week.

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