The Best of 2017 Podcasts

  Today’s podcast is entitled “The Best of 2017”. We have compiled all of the best parts from all the podcasts across the year and put them on this episode. This special episode is a mix of everything–from ideas, skills, and techniques to becoming a lean athlete and swim fast to overcoming anxiety and uplifting […]

How To Develop Speed, Strength and Power with Wayne Goldsmith

How To Develop Speed, Strength and Power with Wayne Goldsmith

Speed, strength and power is crucial to high performance swimming. Wayne Goldsmith has worked with Swimming Australia and Triathlon Australia and shares his top strategies to generating more speed in your swimming. We also talk about different types of training methods, different tools you can use in your workouts. 01:20 – Who is Wayne Goldsmith? […]

First Out Of The Water with Clayton Fettell

Clayton Fettell

Clayton Fettell has one of the best techniques in all of triathlon swimming. He finished in the front group at the last Ironman World Championships in the 70.3 distance. He has won multiple 70.3 races and he is a professional triathlete. In this podcast, we talk about technique, strength training, some of his favorite workouts […]

How To Take 15 seconds off Your 100m Pace with Paul Bailey

How To Take 15 seconds off Your 100m Pace with Paul Bailey

In this episode of the Effortless Swimming podcast, we have a good friend of mine – Master Swimmer Paul Bailey. He will talk about how consistent training and continual focus on technique has helped him improve his times. 01:30 – Back in the 80’s 02:10 – Out of the pool 03:00 – Fast track to […]

Superhero Swimming with Eney Jones

Eney Jones

Eney Jones is a successful Master’s swimmer, open water swimmer and accomplished triathlete. She lives and works in Boulder, Colorado and has worked with many of the top triathletes to help them improve their swimming. We talk with Eney about technique, posture, tempo, catch and pull, open water racing tips and awareness in the open water. This episode is […]

The Zen Of Swimming with Jon Muller

The Zen of Swimming by Jon Muller

In this episode of The Effortless Swimming Podcast, I interview a friend of mine, Jon Muller. Jon is an author from Wellington, New Zealand and been following some of our swimming workouts and technique programs. In the last couple of weeks, he finished writing a book about swimming which describes swimming in a way that […]