Ironman South Africa Was WILD

Ironman South Africa had a wild swim, with strong winds and swell pushing into Nelson Mandela Bay. The swim course was shortened to account for the challenging conditions.   Access our ‘Art Of Triathlon Swimming’ course here: 5 Day Catch Challenge:  

Clean Up Your Front End (For A Smoother Stroke)

When I’m teaching how to improve the catch in freestyle, sometimes we need to fix what happens before it. In this video I’ll show you 3 things you’ll need to get right to make the most out of your catch.

Tighten This Up And Feel The Speed

In this episode of Feedback Friday we look at a triathlete Calvin, who’s looking to get under 2:00/100m. We’ll focus on his kick and posture for reducing drag and some adjustments to his catch and pull to get more out of each stroke.

A Walk In The Park

Park Tae-hwan is an Olympic gold and silver medalist in the 400m and 200m freestyle. To me, he has the most technically perfect stroke that I’ve seen and being ‘only’ 6’0″ he’s had to make up for his lack of height with incredible technique.