In this video, the first thing that stands out here, if you look from this position is:

1. Body Position – The head is at the right spot, the hips are up near the surface. You can see that the legs are dropping down a little bit low. That extra drag on top of the quads is going to add up and it’s going to make it hard to maintain a fast pace for a long time. What we want to do when we swim is reduce drag and this is a classic case of just bending the knees a bit too much and not coming up straight enough in the up kick. So we want to try and use our glutes our hammies to bring the leg up straighter so the heel will come up near the surface and we don’t want too much bend from our hips.

2. Catch – We want to start in the position where the fingers are below the wrist, the wrist is below the elbow. The initial of the catch is looking pretty good however if we look from the front, you will notice how the arms are quite straight. As she is pointing through under the shoulder, that hands is out wider than the elbow and the arms remains straight. The reason we don’t want to have the arms completely straight is it’s very hard to engage your lats as you point through.

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