There are a lot of things that could look at focusing on, one thing that I want to point out to you is breathing. I see this in probably one out of every eight or nine students that I have is head lift before they take their breath. There are a couple of things that happens when you lift your head before breathing.

1. Creates Drag and Resistance
One thing that we want to try and get rid of is too much of a head lift before you turn to breathe. Your head weighs a couple of kilos so naturally, if we’re going to lift something up that’s a few kilos above the water, something’s gotta give and that’s often the legs. The legs will drop down and the knees will start to come down. If you have the legs and knees underwater, that is going to be extra drag and resistance on top of the thighs. Any drag and resistance are multiplied in water as opposed to being outside of the water. Lifting your head is a big creator fo drag, not just on thighs but often on the torso and the upper body.

2. Big Gap in the Shoulder
If the shoulder sits low and you lift your head up, it’s almost like this little pocket gets created which is hitting the water and that’s extra drag and resistance.

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