Would you like us to have a look your freestyle and help you get faster? You can send us a video of you swimming and we can do full technique analysis for you. If you’ve found yourself stuck at the same speed for a long time and you’re unsure how to get quicker, this is the best way to improve your swimming if you’re looking for a one-time analysis of your stroke. The other way to work with us is at our clinics or ongoing coaching in our membership.

What you’ll get: We’ll provide you with a 10-20min video analysis of the footage you send us. We’ll look at the 2-3 biggest opportunities to increase your speed and efficiency. We’ll also provide you with a 400-600m set of drills to include in your warm-up each session to change specific aspects of your stroke.

Here’s an example of what we’ll look for in your video

What to send us: A video of you swimming 100m at race pace. Ideally filmed as 25m underwater from the side, 25m underwater from the front, 25m above from the side and 25m above from the front. We recommend a GoPro camera or similar to film your footage.

How to send your video: You can upload to your video to Youtube and provide us with a link to it, or via Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive.

How long does it take? Your analysis will be sent within 7 days

Got questions? You can contact us here.

Analysis by Brenton Ford $199 USD
Analysis by Mitchell Patterson $129USD