Welcome Effortless Swimmers to another week of Swimming News. This week we look at what to do if you are getting gassed quickly in your races. How to have more energy for the second half of your race. We also give you some sprinting tips that will help bring down your 50m and your 100m times, and we look at some ways to improve your kick without following the black line up and down.


00:30 – Getting “Gassed” Quickly?
00:58 – The Two Things All Good Sprinters Have Are…
01:18 – Three Ways To Improve Your Kick
02:21 – Is Scull Important?
03:23 – The Chopper Rescue Story
03:43 – 10,000 Fans Giveaway!

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These are the workouts we do in training (for triathletes and pool swimmers)

Getting “Gassed” Quickly?

If you find in your races that you are getting gassed quickly and you haven’t got that much energy at the back end of your race…it might be because you are not breathing enough. When I do video analysis for swimmers in our membership community, the swimmers that are having trouble backing up the second half of their race are usually breathing every 3-4 strokes. It is denying their body the oxygen that it needs to fuel itself for the second half of the race. If you try breathing every two strokes or a mixture of every three and two, then you might find you have more energy to finish off strong.

The Two Things All Good Sprinters Have Are…

If you want to improve your sprinting then let’s keep it really simple. If you have a strong kick and a high stroke rate (and you are able to maintain your stroke length) then you will improve your sprinting. Next time you are in training if you are thinking about having a strong kick and a higher stroke rate, they are two of the fundamentals of being a good sprint freestyler.

Three Ways To Improve Your Kick

There are a few ways to improve your kick without following the black line up and down. A few things that we like to do in training are:

Is Scull Important?

When I have new swimmers join the squad a lot of times they will ask why we do sculling, because we do quite a bit of sculling in our swimming training. There are two reasons why I like to do it. The first one is it works on good positioning for your catch. If you are doing a scull out the front then we are practicing the catch position for our freestyle, butterfly and breaststroke as well. Where you have a high elbow and your hand is lower than your elbow and you are just practicing that initial catch position.

That is one of the reasons, the other reason is it is good for practicing your feel of the water. When you are pulling through, if you are slipping through the water then you haven’t got a feel for the water. If you are practicing scull then you will you get a feeling for what it’s like to hold that water and move yourself through it.

A few keys with sculling if you look at the video is you want to keep your hand your forearm very straight so that you can hold water with that whole part of your arm, rather than just your hand. It’s a figure eight motion so thumbs up and then thumbs down as you sweep out.

There are two ways to improve your scull and improving your scull with improve your catch and feel for water in swimming.

Latest In Effortless Swimming Membership Program

This week in our swimming community I spoke about a massive mistake that I made last week in an open water training session that involved a helicopter rescue. Members of our program can login and see that now where I have put some details about a big lesson that I have learnt in communication when out in the open water.

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That’s it for swimming news this week. We have more videos coming, more tips more articles, more ideas to help you improve your swimming. So stay tuned we will be back next week with another swimming news video.

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