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How To Win A Double Ultra Triathlon with Rait Ratasepp

Today’s guest is Rait Ratasepp. Rait is a member of  Effortless Swimming Membership Program – our online swim coaching community. He just completed the Double Ultra World Cup in Hungary and won in convincing style. It’s a double ironman distance triathlon. In this podcast, we cover his training, the things he focused on for his swim and […]

[How to Fix] Trying Harder But Not Swimming Faster

This week I’ve got a challenge for you. I want to challenge you to try what I’m about to talk about. To see if you can get an increase in speed by trying this one thing. In the next few weeks we’re releasing the Effortless Freestyle DVD which we’ve been working on for the last couple of […]

The Pointy End of the Field

The Good Thing About Being Slower If you are a swimmer who is may not be as fast as you’d like to be then the good thing is that you have a lot more room for improvement. Swimmers at the pointy end of the field find it harder to improve because the improvement is much […]

How To Be Comfortable In The Water

If you look at the top swimmers, Olympians or the swimmers of really good ability – they look like fish in the water. It looks like the water is their second home. Compare that to someone who is brand new, they’ll usually be tense, nervous and they’re fighting the water. So, how do you get […]

How To Avoid Getting “Gassed” In A Race

Welcome Effortless Swimmers to another week of Swimming News. This week we look at what to do if you are getting gassed quickly in your races. How to have more energy for the second half of your race. We also give you some sprinting tips that will help bring down your 50m and your 100m […]

How to Dominate at Swimming – 5 Butt-Kicking Tips To Becoming A Fast Swimmer

Most of us are taught that to become a better swimmer we must train harder and train for longer. This was true 20 years ago when not a great deal was understood about how we move in the water. The reality is swimmers of all abilities (especially beginners) need to focus on the correct technique […]