Here’s a few simple tips you can use when structuring your swim season.

  1. Start with technique – When starting your season begin with drills, stroke count, sculling, kicking and other technique focused activities. It’s better to start the season with good technique otherwise it can be slower to change when you’re in heavy training.
  2. Build up your fitness – The harder, longer training happens during the first half of your season so you have a solid base of fitness to work from.
  3. Swim at race pace – Towards the second half of the season we do more race pace swimming. Usually less distance but higher intensity with more rest. This gets us swimming faster and closer to where we want to be when racing.
  4. Taper up for 2-4 weeks prior to your main competition – We reduce the distance and amount of hard work we do leading up to our main competition for the year. We do a lot of short sprints, turns, dives and technique work. Racing is all about feeling rested and having a good feel of the water.

We go into more detail on this in Effortless Swimming Membership Program.

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