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The Best/Worst Workout Of All Time

Every now and then you perform a workout that takes every last inch of will power to complete. Your arms and legs are filled with lactate, but you know if you keep switched on mentally you can get through it. This set is a little different though…it only ends when you puke. It might not be the […]


How To Stay Fit When On Holidays

This week I’m in Fiji and topic of today’s video is “What do you like to do in holidays to stay fit?”. Here in Fiji most of the islands are surrounded by coral, you can’t swim around a lot of them.  So, I have do some different things to stay fit because when you stop […]


How To Train For Open Water, Improving Technique Without A Coach

Highlights this week: How To Train For Open Water– So you have an open water event coming up, but you’re not sure how to train for it. There’s three types of workouts I use for open water training. Aerobic, anaerobic and speed.Aerobic workouts are when you are training at 65-85% of your maximum heart rate. A […]


How Better Technique Can Make You Slower

In news this week: How Better Technique Can Make You Slower – You’ve gone through drills, you’re stronger, you’re holding the water better…but your times are dropped off. There’s two reasons this happens. I’ll take swimmers for stroke correction and after we’ve gone through the changes, some swimmers will be too ‘gentle’ with the water. […]


How To Plan Your Swim Season

Here’s a few simple tips you can use when structuring your swim season. Start with technique – When starting your season begin with drills, stroke count, sculling, kicking and other technique focused activities. It’s better to start the season with good technique otherwise it can be slower to change when you’re in heavy training. Build […]


Swimming Workouts Explained

“I love training!” – This is a phrase you can either relate with, or completely disagree with. But if you think it’s something you don’t have a choice in…lay back on the couch and finish off that bag of chips. You’re already ruled out. Loving or hating swimming training comes down to the type of […]