Music as an accompaniment to a swim workout is a great source of motivation, inspiration and distraction from exhaustion. However, when it comes to swimming and water sports, having your dose of entertainment with your favourite beats can become a challenge.

Considering that water is an integral part in swimming, we always wonder how we can get the best waterproof music and hearing accessories in the pool. Although there’s an increasing line of waterproof headphone systems, waterproof iPod and iPhone cases, etc., some of these items just can’t keep up with the swimmer’s expectations. Among the common drawbacks are leaks, tangling up of earphone wires in water, poor sound quality or uncomfortable fit when used in water.

FINIS Neptune Speakers

Fortunately, FINIS, the world leader in cutting-edge swimming products recently introduced a breakthrough in waterproof MP3 players using the bone conduction audio technology. Their Neptune speakers work by streaming the music’s vibrations through the cheekbones which the inner ear can easily pick-up as clear sound.  With this technique, the swimmer gets the best audio listening experience that he can get, as if the music is being played right inside his head.

Aside from the revolutionary and better means of listening to music while in water, the device carries 4GB of storage capacity and can play music continuously for around 8 hours if fully charged. The device also comes with two speakers which are placed on each side of the cheekbones. The high contrast OLED screen, which is attached securely to the swimmer’s goggle straps, shows information on the track being played such as the artist, title, and play status. Its user is highly advised to wear earplugs for better hearing but several users who didn’t wear any earplugs recounted hearing from the Neptune Speakers clearly as well.

With the FINIS Neptune Speakers, swimmers can swim better than before. From The Vines to The Beatles or Mozart’s tracks, there’s no stopping swimmers now from loading and  listening clearly and more comfortably to their favourite beats that will boost their swimming routines.

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  1. Can you wear Finis Neptune speakers or Finis Duo mp3 player with an Ameo Powerbreather swim snorkel?

  2. When I combine water sports with music it’s just like eveything I do is in sync. Music change your life background theme to something new. It makes me feel in the mood, more confident and relaxed. Resulting for me to perform well and achieve greater results. Try this It just depends on you and in the situation. So decide wisely on when you gonna need music. I listen to music while on water when I am alone or just like I am out of place or negative vibes surrounds me.

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