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  1. Hi! I am an Australian living who has been living in Italy for 8 years now. I enjoy you videos and other information provided. I have been swimming since young (like all Australians) and joined a masters swimming group 5 years ago here in Italy. I swim the distance events for my age group 45 plus. Thanks for your interesting videos, there’s always something that helps me out.

  2. Thanks for all the valuable tips which have helped me tremendously with improving my swimming technique.
    Brent, I am preparing for our national event called “The Midmar Mile” here in South Africa, outside the town of Pietermaritzburg. As it is an open water swim, what should I do improve or have a successful swim.
    Much Thanks,

  3. Yes, but how ? (in regard to high cadence)….anything to help get that turnover going ? Thanks,

  4. Hi Rob,

    Every 3-4 weeks I like to do a test set. A set where you can measure your progress leading up to an event. When I’m training for a 1.2km open water swim I do 6×200 (with about 10 seconds rest between 200’s) and see how fast I can hold. I’ll talk more about this in next weeks news.

    Aside from that, as long as you are doing the right workouts you’ll be doing well. Is it a 1 mile swim?

  5. Keep your kicks small (and try dropping it to a 2 beat kick), don’t move your lower body too much and keep your shoulder rotation even.

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