In news this week look at:

  • How To Recover Faster – If you’re low on energy and getting sore after sessions, a protein drink can help your muscles recover faster. I use WPI protein available from
  • Does Your Hand Drop When You Breath in Freestyle? – There are usually two solutions to keeping your hand higher when you breathe. Hold it out for half a second longer before pulling so you get the catch and avoid slipping. Sometimes looking too far forward when breathing will drop the lead hand. Breathe more towards your shoulder which keeps your body aligned.
  • Parents: How To Help Your Young Swimmer – If you’re in an area without a well developed swim program you can help your child get started with strength training. I don’t suggest telling your child’s coach how to do their job, but if their program doesn’t offer strength training it’s worth looking into. Body weight exercises are best to start with, like we use in SwimGymPro, and technique is very important. See an experienced strength trainer to help your child get going on the right path. Poor form early on can lead to injury down the track.
  • Getting Taper Right – We saw Michael Phelps miss out on the medals in the 400 IM because of a suspected miss-timed taper. The rule of thumb is males need to taper for 2 weeks prior to a big competition and females 7-10 days. It varies for each individual and can take practice to get right.
  • World Records Are Being Broken Again – Three years after the banning of the full body suits, we’re now seeing worlds records broken again. There were two in last nights Olympic finals and I suspect there will be more to come. It’s because of smarter training strategies and improved technique.
  • Olympic Wrap Ups – I’m doing daily Olympic finals wrap ups so you can a different perspective on each of the swims. Like our Facebook page at to get these each day

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