In this episode of The Effortless Swimming podcast, our guest is Mark Breadner. Mark has done a lot of work with the Australian team in relation to some strength and conditioning work, some mindset training. Mark is going to talk about that and how you can implement it into your own swimming and triathlon training to help improve your performance.

00:48 Working with The Australian Team
yoga02:00 Yoga & Freestyle
02:40 It’s a Balancing Act
02:50 Alignment and Tone in the Water
04:15 Good swimmers have mobile spines…
04:50 It’s very important to mobilise the thoracic
06:00 Shoulder Flexibility
07:10 Worn out joint
07:18 Exercises with the foam roller…
09:30 Keep going.
10:34 Focus.
11:18 Negativity sabotages the higher order.
14:04 Body, Energy, Meditation
16:15 It’s also mental.
17:00 See yourself win.
19:11 Positive mindset = Success
21:45 Core work functional exercise
22:20 Morning Rituals
23:25 Kapalabhati
23:56 Coffee without having a coffee.
26:05 Everyone is an individual.
26:59 Yoga integrates well with swimming.
29:30 Try some new things. Don’t be afraid to do something different.
30:21 Flexibility, Stability and Strength
30:38 Be injury-free.
31:49 Loosen up!
35:01 Get enough sleep.
38:44 Things that add up to staying healthy, happy and performing well…

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