If you’re like me and you’re a swimmer and an athlete. If you eat a lot of food and you go to cupboard more than once to see what is there to eat then what I found to work really well to not only help me eat less but to make sure that I eat better food is to cook up a big meal on Sunday so it last the rest of week until Friday.

So what I’ll do on a Sunday night is I’ll decide on a meal that I want to cook whether it’s a curry or a salad or something that is healthy and I’ll cook it up on Sunday and that will last me for all of my lunches or all of my dinners for that week.

Now if you do get bored with the same meal every week then it might not work well for you but If you don’t mind eating the same thing every lunch or every dinner then it’s a good way to not only to save time but to make sure that you eat less and you’re not looking in the cupboard every 10 minutes for something to eat.

If you’re looking for recipes on what to cook then I recommend going to TheNaturalNutritionist.com.au, a friend of mine, Steph, she runs that website and she puts up recipes quite regularly so she got really good healthy meals there and she can help you with some things to cook. So if you’re looking to save some time, go make your meal a big meal on a Sunday night. And that will help you throughout the week.

This is another EffortlessSwimming.com update, I’ll see you next week.

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  1. i used to do this as much as possible BC (before kids) but now it is harder as the kids (I have 4) eat me out of house and home. They to gymnastics all year round and lifesaving in Summer.
    Plus they dont eat the good food as much so I still have to cook and then eat the rubbish they eat like sausages etc…

    Good Post though.

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