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How To Breathe Low In Freestyle

Breathing is the number one thing that will stuff up a swimmer’s alignment. Rotating¬†your head too far to breathe throws your body balance off…so the key to breathing in freestyle is to: Minimise the impact on the rest your body The way to do this is to breathe just above the surface, ideally keeping one […]


How To Breathe In Freestyle Without Choking On Water

Last week I speaking to an Effortless Swimming client and he mentioned he was having trouble breathing in freestyle. It’s a common problem. The solution comes down to two things. Your stroke (swimming technique) and your breathing technique (ability to control your breathing). The breathing technique is rarely spoken about, so I thought I’d shed […]


What Is Your Most Pressing Question About Swimming?

As a swimming coach I’m always asked a lot of different questions about improving technique, increasing speed, learning the correct breathing method, etc.¬† It got me wondering what the biggest challenges everyday swimmers are having. If there was one thing which if you could get right, you know your swimming would improve dramatically, what would […]


Freestyle Breathing Technique: Pinpoint your problem

There are some common questions that pop up by new swimmers about how to breath properly in freestyle swimming. A swimmers ability to swim efficiently relies heavily upon getting the breathing correct. In freestyle swimming, body position needs to be correct before anything else. But for many, once they throw in breathing…it all goes haywire! […]