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How to Swim Higher in Freestyle

If you have ever been told by a coach to get your hips up what you might have done is bent at the hips and stuck your bum up higher in the water; therefore your bum is higher but your legs are dragging. What that does it creates more resistance and more drag than what […]

How To Sprint Faster In Freestyle

If you want to swim a faster 50m or 100m freestyle there are a few changes you can make to your stroke in order to swim faster. 0:11 – How To Change Your Technique For Sprinting 0:27 – Shoulder Driven Freestyle 0:36 – Start The Catch Deeper 0:54 – Keep Momentum From Your Entry 1:12 […]

How To Develop Hip-Driven Freestyle Technique

Over the holidays, I gave a friend of mine The Mastering Freestyle Program for him to try. Now in 4 sessions he dropped his time from a 1:40 down to 1:36 for his 100 meter pace. And dropped his stroke count from 42 down to a 34. 00:11 – 1:40 down to 1:36/100m pace 00:15 […]

How To Pull With A High Elbow

Welcome to swimming news this week. This week we look at how to pull through with a high elbow, where to enter your hand in freestyle and also we’ll talk about my favorite mindset training that I find most effective for better performance in racing. 0:45 – How To Pull With A High Elbow 0:57 […]

How’s Your Head Position?

https://svpford.wistia.com/medias/gs61y7pahh?embedType=async&videoFoam=true&videoWidth=640 We are in Trinity Beach up at North Queensland on a training camp; hence the nice background. This week we are looking at a common mistake that slows swimmers down in freestyle. We are looking at which GPS is best to use if you are doing open water swimming and we also look at […]

Do You Breathe Like This In Freestyle?

This week we look at your head position when you breathe in freestyle and how you change it to make it make your stroke more efficient and faster. We also give you a diving tip which will help you get off the blocks quicker. And we also look at exercises that you can do in […]