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How to Get Your Hand Entry Right

Last month I did a one-on-one stroke correction session with a swimmer and she was entering too early in her freestyle. So she was entering her hand before she needed to which meant that she was creating a drag as she extended forward. So we needed to move her hand entry out a little bit. […]

The Locked Elbow Pull

If we look at the freestyle catch one of the biggest mistakes swimmers often make is that they will enter and extend forward and lock their elbow out for longer than they need to. What that often causes them to do is push down on the water and then pull through. They are only catching […]

Sprint Freestyle Tips – Energy Transfer

A few changes that we made lately with my squad’s sprint freestyle is making sure that we get the energy transfer from our recovery into the water. Quite often you will see swimmers in their recovery they will extend and then enter; then they have lost their momentum they have got from the recovery coming […]

How to Stop Pulling Across Your Body In Freestyle

It is one of the most common mistakes in freestyle where a swimmer pulls across their body and is crossing over their midline with their hand and arm. There are two main causes of crossing over the body; the first one is keeping your arm straight in your pull through rather than bending your elbow […]

The Best Video On Pull I’ve Ever Seen, Nutrition For Swimmers, Freestyle Catch

USA Swimming’s “Pull” Presentation I posted a link to a presentation in online coaching program, I have posted that link and I have to say it’s one of the best presentations I’ve seen so check that out if you are a member. 00:05 – USA Swimming’s “Pull” Presentation 00:32 – Are You Training Too Hard? […]

How To Develop Freestyle Catch

One of the biggest differences between swimmers in the fast lane and swimmers in the slow lane is the initial catch. Swimmers in the fast lane; in their freestyle they will enter and be going forward, then they will allow their hand to drop down while they keep their elbow high. Getting that initial catch […]