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If You Don’t Think Kick Is Important…

If you’ve worn a band in your freestyle before, some of those rubber bands or those synthetic bands that you can tie around your feet so that you don’t kick…then you’ll know just how important it is to kick to balance and time your stroke. When you’ve got a band on, it keeps your feet […]


Is There A ‘Secret Sauce’?

This week we will look at –  “Is there a secret sauce to become a better swimmer”.  We’ve also got a technique workshop coming up in Melbourne which we’ve got the dates to watch out for at the end of this video. 00:17 – Is There A “Secret Sauce”? 00:51 – Why The Fundamentals Don’t […]


Swimming Kick: How To Increase Your Kicking Power by 200%

As a coach of both elite and amateur swimmers, it is apparent that one of the biggest issues facing adult swimmers is the ability to generate power from their kick. There is a noticeable difference between those swimmers who were taught correctly as a kid or teenager, and those which have never been shown the […]