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It’s All In The Fingertips

When I’m coaching swimmers, it doesn’t matter what their level, whether they are National level swimmers and triathletes or beginners, one of the most important things is maintaining your speed in freestyle. What your fingertips do as you’re extending forward affects your speed. How It Works What we are looking for here is keeping your […]

3 Things You Must Know To Be A Faster Swimmer In 2014

Before we head into 2014 there’s a few things I’ve learnt this year that might help you. 1. Training Hard Will Only Get You So Far Don’t get me wrong, you need to bust your arse in training…but it’s not the only thing that’ll get you to where you want. The smartest athletes know that […]

[How to Fix] Trying Harder But Not Swimming Faster

This week I’ve got a challenge for you. I want to challenge you to try what I’m about to talk about. To see if you can get an increase in speed by trying this one thing. In the next few weeks we’re releasing the Effortless Freestyle DVD which we’ve been working on for the last couple of […]

How To Swim A Faster 50 Breaststroke

On the weekend one of the swimmers that I coach, Stuart Moffat, broke the world record for the 50 breaststroke short course in the 50-54 years age group. The world record was 30.61. Stu went 30.48 with a great swim. (**Update** Due to a technicality at the meet itself it can’t be counted as a […]

Three Ways To Do The Same Set

Next week I’m taking my squad through a “hell week”. Which is one week of very, very challenging training where we increase the intensity and we increase the duration of our main sets. We also add an extra session in there. The reason that we do this is because with one week of solid training […]

The Momentum Entry

I’ve been doing a lot of one-on-one stroke correction sessions where we do underwater filming,  where we get great footage of the swimmer. We then do analysis on the computer and then we jump back in the water and we go through some drills and exercises to help the swimmer improve their stroke. One of […]