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How to Get Your Hand Entry Right

Last month I did a one-on-one stroke correction session with a swimmer and she was entering too early in her freestyle. So she was entering her hand before she needed to which meant that she was creating a drag as she extended forward. So we needed to move her hand entry out a little bit. […]

Are You Enjoying It?

This week I drove from Melbourne to Sydney on our way to the Master’s National Championships. And on our way there, I listened to a really good book called Born to Run. And I listened to it through Audible which is a really cool service if you haven’t used it before. But the premise behind […]

The “Gentle” Entry

This week you will notice the video is a little bit different to what we normally do. The reason is I am going to show you a video that I have just posted in our online coaching program. We are looking at increasing stroke rate; a lot of swimmers can struggle with because they are not […]

The “Fake” Catch

What could I mean by the fake catch? I have spoken a little bit about this in our online coahing program this week as well. Quite a few swimmers enter at an angle like that rather than keeping their hand flat there. The reason why some swimmers do it is because entering like that means that […]

The Locked Elbow Pull

If we look at the freestyle catch one of the biggest mistakes swimmers often make is that they will enter and extend forward and lock their elbow out for longer than they need to. What that often causes them to do is push down on the water and then pull through. They are only catching […]

Sprint Freestyle Tips – Energy Transfer

A few changes that we made lately with my squad’s sprint freestyle is making sure that we get the energy transfer from our recovery into the water. Quite often you will see swimmers in their recovery they will extend and then enter; then they have lost their momentum they have got from the recovery coming […]