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Gym Exercises For Swimming

Australian swimmer Sam Ashby lists the best gym exercises for swimming. You can get the entire Skype interview in the Mastering Freestyle program. The freestyle program that improves technique and betters swim times.


How To Increase Strength And Recover Faster

Regular training will take it’s toll on your body if you don’t recover properly. The benefit you gain from training (endurance, strength and speed) can be quickly lost if you don’t refuel your muscles immediately after a session. The quicker you can recover after a session, the better you will train in your next session. […]


Strength Training Exercises For Swimming

One of the fastest ways to improve in swimming is to add strength training to your program. This might bring back memories of ‘hitting the gym’ or dragging yourself out of bed on a cold, icy morning to exercise. Luckily things have changed. It’s now possible to increase your strength and endurance without slugging away […]