One of the fastest ways to improve in swimming is to add strength training to your program. This might bring back memories of ‘hitting the gym’ or dragging yourself out of bed on a cold, icy morning to exercise. Luckily things have changed.

It’s now possible to increase your strength and endurance without slugging away at the gym for hours. By being smart and doing the exercises which work specific muscles, you can save time and squeeze in quick exercises before a swimming session.

I traveled to Queensland to visit Australian swimmer Sam Ashby and see what he was doing for strength training. I discovered the exercises they had been doing:

  • Got results within days, not months like most gym programs
  • Didn’t take 2-3 days to recover from, so you could get into the pool and feel fresh and strong
  • Could be done almost anywhere so you weren’t restricted to only doing strength training at the gym

This meant that you didn’t need to hire an expensive personal trainer, you didn’t need an expensive gym equipent and best of all swimmers of any age could do the program and get results fast.

I confirmed that these were the strength workouts that Australia’s best swimmers were using when I chatted with Jeremy Saunders who trains with numerous Olympic swimmers.

Most of the exercises can be done without any equipment, but they also use swiss balls and strength bands.

This video shows three exercises you can do in under 5 minutes before any training session. It will build strength and increase power if you do it consistently for a few days.

We’ve put together a video program of the most effective way to build strength for swimming, using the same exercises Australia’s best swimmers are doing. It’s called SwimGymPRO and is available now.

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