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How To Take 15 seconds off Your 100m Pace with Paul Bailey

In this episode of the Effortless Swimming podcast, we have a good friend of mine – Master Swimmer Paul Bailey. He will talk about how consistent training and continual focus on technique has helped him improve his times. 01:30 – Back in the 80’s 02:10 – Out of the pool 03:00 – Fast track to […]


[How to Fix] Trying Harder But Not Swimming Faster

This week I’ve got a challenge for you. I want to challenge you to try what I’m about to talk about. To see if you can get an increase in speed by trying this one thing. In the next few weeks we’re releasing the Effortless Freestyle DVD which we’ve been working on for the last couple of […]


The One About Getting Lean (with Andy Anderson of Ultimate You)

Welcome to another episode of The Effortless Swimming podcast. In this episode I chat with a good friend of mine, Andy Anderson. Andy Anderson is the CEO of Ultimate You which is a gym here in Southbank, Melbourne. He is also the editor of Ultimate You Magazine. He is a strength and conditioning coach and […]


How To Swim A Faster 50 Breaststroke

On the weekend one of the swimmers that I coach, Stuart Moffat, broke the world record for the 50 breaststroke short course in the 50-54 years age group. The world record was 30.61. Stu went 30.48 with a great swim. (**Update** Due to a technicality at the meet itself it can’t be counted as a […]


Breaststroke: How To Swim 10 Seconds Faster In 4 Weeks

I want to talk a little bit about breaststroke and what you can do to bring your times down, and be more relaxed, more comfortable and swim faster breaststroke. I got a email out from one of our Effortless Breaststroke customers this week and he’s been taking his son through some of the drills over […]


Is There A ‘Secret Sauce’?

This week we will look at –  “Is there a secret sauce to become a better swimmer”.  We’ve also got a technique workshop coming up in Melbourne which we’ve got the dates to watch out for at the end of this video. 00:17 – Is There A “Secret Sauce”? 00:51 – Why The Fundamentals Don’t […]