Welcome to another episode of The Effortless Swimming podcast.

Andy AndersonIn this episode I chat with a good friend of mine, Andy Anderson. Andy Anderson is the CEO of Ultimate You which is a gym here in Southbank, Melbourne. He is also the editor of Ultimate You Magazine. He is a strength and conditioning coach and a fitness expert.

We will talk to him about losing weight, shedding kilos and trimming down. As a swimming coach, I see that a lot of swimmers and triathletes has a big opportunity to drop their times when they lose weight. If you lose a couple of kilos then that’s a lot less weight that you’ll be carrying in the water.

01:35 – Three Pillars of Ultimate You
02:31 – The Mindset Approach
02:55 – Individual Nutrition
03:12 – What’s the best fuel for your body type?
03:35 – Programming for your goal and for your body type
04:45 – Is there a secret to losing weight?
05:29 – Losing weight versus Improving your life
07:09 – “How you do one thing is how you do everything.”
07:50 – The 12-Week Transformation
12:07 – What types of training are included in The 12-Week Transformation?
13:00 – Get more with less.
15:54 – What types of exercises do you go through in The 12-Week Transformation?
17:17 – The Big Misconceptions about Diet
18:00 – Don’t Believe in What You Read…
20:20 – “Mom, what’s for breakfast?”
22:20 – It’s all about preparation.
24:00 – I love Chocolate!
25:10 – My Hippie Bali Adventure with Natural Food…
26:30 – Be Visual and Emotional.
30:07 – Get a Coach.

Check out Ultimate You in City Road in Southbank. For Effortless Swimming podcast listeners Andy has set up a special deal of $7 for 7 days. Just get in touch via their website below.

To learn more about Andy and how he can inspire you to make some changes in your overall well-being, visit UltimateYou.com.au. Also check out The Ultimate You magazine and The Ultimate You podcast.