How To Unlock Extra Speed Using Your Mind with Julie Robinson

Julie Robinson Elite Swimmer

In this episode of The Effortless Swimming Podcast, I am talking to Julie Robinson. She was an elite level swimmer and today we will talk about mind training for swimming and how it fits into the swimming puzzle. Julie is a clinical hypnotherapist and a neuro-linguistic programmer. She has worked with a number of swimmers […]

The One About Yoga and Mindset with Mark Breadner


In this episode of The Effortless Swimming podcast, our guest is Mark Breadner. Mark has done a lot of work with the Australian team in relation to some strength and conditioning work, some mindset training. Mark is going to talk about that and how you can implement it into your own swimming and triathlon training […]

How To Pull With A High Elbow

Welcome to swimming news this week. This week we look at how to pull through with a high elbow, where to enter your hand in freestyle and also we’ll talk about my favorite mindset training that I find most effective for better performance in racing. 0:45 – How To Pull With A High Elbow 0:57 […]

3 Ways To Grow Your Mind Muscle

In this interview with mindset coach Stephen Ladd, we talk about three ways to improve your results using mind training. Stephen has worked with hundreds of athletes involved in numerous sports to help take them to the next level. Discover how to get the edge over the people you race.