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The Shotgun Approach to Training

If you look at what the top swimmers do in their training, they focus their training for one event in particular.  They won’t use the shotgun approach where they target the 1500 freestyle, the 100 butterfly and the 400 medley all at once. They target their training towards one event. If you’re racing a number […]


7 Household Items You Can Use In Your Swimming Training

1. Sponge Tie a piece of elastic around the sponge and then around your waist and use the sponge as resistance. 2. Rubbish bin Make sure the bin is clean and empty and do butterfly kick under the water with fins on, holding the bin out in front of you. It will catch all of […]


Three Ways To Do The Same Set

Next week I’m taking my squad through a “hell week”. Which is one week of very, very challenging training where we increase the intensity and we increase the duration of our main sets. We also add an extra session in there. The reason that we do this is because with one week of solid training […]