1. Sponge
Tie a piece of elastic around the sponge and then around your waist and use the sponge as resistance.

2. Rubbish bin
Make sure the bin is clean and empty and do butterfly kick under the water with fins on, holding the bin out in front of you. It will catch all of the water and make it very difficult to go fast.

3. Medicine ball
Do vertical kick with a group of friends and throw the medicine ball to each other. If you’re by yourself, try and keep the medicine ball above the water.

4. Brick

Do butterfly kick on your back with fins on trying to keep the brick above the water. Do you have a big cinder block? Try and run under the water as fast as you can while holding your breath.

5. Boxing glovesswimming training
Put boxing gloves on for sprint freestyle. When you take off the gloves, you will find swimming is much easier.

6. Inner tyre tube
Cut up the tyre tube into bands and put that around your feet to use when pulling.

7. Tennis balls
Instead of doing fist freestyle, hold tennis balls in your hand and you’ve got a replacement for fist freestyle drill.

What other things have you used in your swimming training to improve your swimming? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I learned to swim at the Y 3 years ago. Afraid of the water for 70 years. Having a problem with somersault turns so instructor cut off a lenght of noodle and I swim pushing the 2 foot lenght of noodle. Every 10 kicks I tuck the noodle under me and somersault and keep on going, in principle. Much easier to make the turn but still pushing off and sending myself to the bottom.

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