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The Pointy End of the Field

The Good Thing About Being Slower If you are a swimmer who is may not be as fast as you’d like to be then the good thing is that you have a lot more room for improvement. Swimmers at the pointy end of the field find it harder to improve because the improvement is much […]


The Shotgun Approach to Training

If you look at what the top swimmers do in their training, they focus their training for one event in particular.  They won’t use the shotgun approach where they target the 1500 freestyle, the 100 butterfly and the 400 medley all at once. They target their training towards one event. If you’re racing a number […]


How to Beat Fast Swimmers

Have you ever been in the situation where you’re in a race and you’re next to someone who you feel you shouldn’t be beating, so you pull yourself back and you don’t allow yourself to pass that person? I have lost races before because I didn’t have the confidence in order to swim faster than […]