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How To Sight In Open Water Without Breaking Your Rhythm

Blink and you’ll miss it. That’s what happens when you watch professional triathletes sight in swimming. Being able to sight without breaking your stroke rhythm is one the key skills of open water swimming. It takes practice to get the timing right, but you when do you’ll notice how much easier it is to sight and […]


The One About Swimming In Ironman (with John and Bevan from IMTalk)

John and Bevan are the legendary and very entertaining Kiwi’s from the IM Talk podcast. Listen in as the boys share the things they’ve learned from 7 years of being deep in the trenches of ironman and triathlon. 01:10 – The Ugly Duckling 01:33 – 7 Years of Solid IMTalk podcast 03:49 – Consistency is […]


Why Being Fit Doesn’t Equal Being Fast

A lot of triathletes are very fit cardiovascular-wise; they have built up their engine so they can run for a long time and bike for a long time. If you find that your swimming is not up to scratch to where you would like it to be then it might be because you haven’t developed […]


The “Team” Advantage

On the weekend I was part of a team that did an Olympic distance triathlon. One of the main things that I got from this is that people will generally work harder for other people than they will themselves. For example in this team I did the swim leg and I worked my arse off […]


Triathlon Swim Sets For Better Racing

This week’s triathlon news we are going to talk about how you can simulate a race in training so that you improve your performance and improve your results in your triathlon swimming races. 00:24 – Initial Speed and Fine Rhythm 01:30 – Fartlek 02:15 – Broken Swim at Race Pace All these types of workouts […]