Why It Pays Off To Follow The Process With Taren Gesell

Why It Pays Off To Follow The Process With Taren Gesell Our guest today is Taren Gesell of the YouTube Channel Triathlon Taren whom we had two analysis videos. The video analysis was six months apart and over that time he really made some impressive improvements and continues to get better. 01:07 How Taren started […]

How To Avoid Slipping In Your Freestyle Catch

In this analysis, we’re looking at a swimmer who has hit a plateau in her swim speed. What technical things can she focus on and change to help her get to that next level? The things that stand out the most for me is what the arms are doing in the entry extension and with […]

How To Sight In Open Water Without Breaking Your Rhythm

Blink and you’ll miss it. That’s what happens when you watch professional triathletes sight in swimming. Being able to sight without breaking your stroke rhythm is one the key skills of open water swimming. It takes practice to get the timing right, but you when do you’ll notice how much easier it is to sight and […]

How To Breathe Low In Freestyle

Breathing is the number one thing that will stuff up a swimmer’s alignment. Rotating your head too far to breathe throws your body balance off…so the key to breathing in freestyle is to: Minimise the impact on the rest your body The way to do this is to breathe just above the surface, ideally keeping one […]

Triathletes In Motion with Marc Evans

Triathletes In Motion with Marc Evans

Marc Evans is an experienced triathlon coach who’s with some of the greats including Dave Scott. He’s recently finished a book, “Triathletes in Motion” which goes into great detail about how to develop better movement patterns, core stability and posture for triathlon. Traditionally, the focus of swimming and triathlon is volume, intensity, training periodisation and doing a particular work out […]

The One About Swimming In Ironman (with John and Bevan from IMTalk)


John and Bevan are the legendary and very entertaining Kiwi’s from the IM Talk podcast. Listen in as the boys share the things they’ve learned from 7 years of being deep in the trenches of ironman and triathlon. 01:10 – The Ugly Duckling 01:33 – 7 Years of Solid IMTalk podcast 03:49 – Consistency is […]