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#20 The One About Running (with Bobby McGee)

Bobby McGee has 31 years of coaching experience. He started intensely coaching triathletes in 2002. He has coached the Olympic champion in Atlanta in a marathon. He also coached some age group race walkers, some amateur race walkers to world titles and then the last decade has been full on with the triathletes. Watch some […]

Why Being Fit Doesn’t Equal Being Fast

A lot of triathletes are very fit cardiovascular-wise; they have built up their engine so they can run for a long time and bike for a long time. If you find that your swimming is not up to scratch to where you would like it to be then it might be because you haven’t developed […]

How to Maintain Your Swim Pace in a Triathlon

Welcome to the first triathlon news video. Today we’re going to cover a couple of things including what you can do to maintain the same pace in a triathlon, how you can best warm up for a triathlon so you don’t take a few hundred meters to get into it and we’re also going to […]

Triathlon Turbo Charge with Ben Greenfield & Kerry Sullivan of the Rockstar Triathlete Academy

If you haven’t heard of Ben Greenfield and Kerry Sullivan yet, you soon will. These two guys are making waves in the triathlon community with their Rockstar triathlon academy – a closed-door triathlon training and mentoring program set up specifically to help triathletes drop their times in all three legs of their race using a […]