If you need a towel that dries quickly, then I’ve got a good towel for you. I got sent 2 towels from a company in Canada called Discovery Trekking Outdoors. Now I met these ultra fast drying towels. They’re similar material to what you might see in some of your race competition shirts, if you do triathlons, it’s that quick drying stuff. This is a little bit stretchier than those shirts and it’s not fluffy like a normal towel. But the good thing about these towels is that they dry very well and they dry quickly. And they are lighter than a normal towel.


The Fast Drying Towel for SwimmersSo this isn’t a paid endorsement for them. They just sent me these 2 towels to try and I found them really good. I’d use them in 2 occasions. The first one is if I have to cycle to training and I didn’t have much space in my backpack, then I’ll take one of these towels because they’re much more compact than a normal towel. So if you’ve got not much space in your backpack, then it’s good to use these towels. 

The other reason I’d use them is if I need to dry the towel quickly. If you’re doing 2 sessions in a day and you need the towel to dry fast, then these are good towels to use. So if you want to take a look at these towels, then you can go to their website which is DiscoveryTrekking.com and you can take a look at these ultra fast drying towels. They’re pretty good. The only downside is they’re not fluffy like a normal towel and they’re not as comfortable, you don’t get that sort of comfortable feeling with them. But if not mind not having that, then these are really good towels to use if you need them to dry quickly or you need to save some space.