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  1. I dunno that it’s that great…..I mean, number one, 6 o’clock? Who gets up that late to train? I like to use the old, “if you don’t have the intrinsic motivation to do something, you’re probably not gonna do it” You will find it very hard to make yourself do something that someone else is trying to talk you into. As a coach, I tell my athletes that they have to want it. As a triathlete for 25 seasons, how hungry can you be when you’re full? It’s very hard to reamin motivated and wonder why you are doing all the things you’re supposed to sometime. You’ve got to love it, want it and be hungry.

  2. Hi. This is a very inspirational video. We are a Masters’ Squad in Coventry, UK, and we get up at 4.15am twice weekly to train 5.15am-7.00am as pool space is very limited generally and especially for Masters’ Swimmers. We would very much welcome any input you wish to make with regard to our training.

    Thank you for sharing your time.


    Allison Stoney. Masters’ squad coach.City of Coventry SC.

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