In Effortless Swimming’s Membership Program, one of the things that we offer is video analysis. You can upload a video to YouTube and post it in the forum and I will take a look at your stroke and give you some personal suggestions as to what changes you should make with your stroke, if you want to improve and get faster.

00:08 – Video Analysis
00:16 – Changes You Should Make with Your Stroke
00:35 – John’s Video
00:45 – Brent’s Suggestion to John
01:22 – Video Analysis: The Key to Improve or Fix Shoulder Injury

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I was emailed by a guy called John last week. John dislocated his shoulder a couple of months ago and now he is having some shoulder problems and wasn’t quite sure what was causing it.

I took a look at John’s stroke and in this video you can see with his left arm when he is pulling through his elbow drops straight away and he is pulling through with his hand at a funny angle. He is pulling through with his hand like that and his elbow is dropped.

What I would recommend for John to do is to turn his hand around so that it is straight or flat and pull through so that the elbow is almost looking down to the bottom of the ground. The middle part of your arm; you want that facing to the bottom rather than having it face up or off to the side; like you see a lot of swimmers with shoulder injuries doing.

You can see that is putting a lot of pressure on the back of John’s arm or shoulder by pulling through with that funny position.

If you have shoulder problems or if you are struggling to find a way to improve your swimming the video analysis is a really good way for you to find out what changes you can make to your stroke; in order to continue to improve or to fix a shoulder injury and take the pressure off those shoulders.

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