Shawn is an Ironman triathlete based in Nova Scotia, Canada. A year ago, he started some changes in his stroke, and in the course over the last year, he has effectively gone from a 2:25 per hundred paces down to 1:31 per hundred. Shawn will share how he has done that, what changes he’s made to his stroke and how might incorporate these changes to your own stroke.

00:56 Impressive Improvements
03:49 Everything Was Wrong With What I Was Trying To Do
04:56 Increasing Your Stroke Rate
06:44 Finding The Sweet Spot For Stroke Rate
11:33 Timing Your Kick With The Rest Of The Stroke
12:32 What Are You Thinking About When You’re Swimming In Terms Of Technique
14:08 Swimming From The Inside Out
16:42 Keeping The Videos Simple

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