How To Find Your Ideal Stroke Rate For Triathlon And Open Water Swim Races

Do you know what your ideal stroke rate (cadence) is for racing events of 1,500-4000m? This set will help you find your stroke rate sweet spot for races of those distances. What’s the set? 7 x 100 Freestyle with 0:30 secs rest – Using a FINIS tempo trainer, increase your stroke rate by 4 each […]

One Step Backward, Two Steps Forward

In today’s podcast, listen on how the principle of taking one step backward and taking two steps forward is applicable whenever you changing a habit or when you make changes in your stroke. We’re also announcing the opening of bookings for Hell Week 2018 which is on December 14, 2017, 9:00 am Melbourne time.

Why You Run Out Of Breath

You can run forever… Your bike fitness is exceptional… But each lap of the pool leaves you gasping for air like Houdini after a breath hold. Have you ever wondered why this happens even though you’re a fit person? There’s three main reasons this happens: if you hold your breath if your body position and balance is incorrect […]

How To Develop Speed, Strength and Power with Wayne Goldsmith

How To Develop Speed, Strength and Power with Wayne Goldsmith

Speed, strength and power is crucial to high performance swimming. Wayne Goldsmith has worked with Swimming Australia and Triathlon Australia and shares his top strategies to generating more speed in your swimming. We also talk about different types of training methods, different tools you can use in your workouts. 01:20 – Who is Wayne Goldsmith? […]

Natalie Coughlin Makes You Want To Swim

Talk about a legend of the sport. Natalie Coughlin has been at the elite level for over a decade, but she’s not looking to hang up the goggles anytime soon. She’s getting stronger, fitter and faster. You’re about to find out why. Does this make you want train?

Why All Athletes Should Master These Three Skills In Their Swim Training

In all high level swim squads there is a big focus on perfecting these three skills: Push offs/streamline Turns Finishes/No breathing from the 5m flags Even for open water swimmers and triathletes I believe there should be at least some time spent teaching athletes how to do each of these three skills properly. Even though […]