This week I drove from Melbourne to Sydney on our way to the Master’s National Championships. And on our way there, I listened to a really good book called Born to Run. And I listened to it through Audible which is a really cool service if you haven’t used it before.

But the premise behind Born to Run is that as humans, we were designed to run. So back thousand of years ago, when we have to chase down our food, running was something that we’ve come up and did everyday. And it didn’t matter how far we went or how hard we ran but we just enjoyed the experience of running. And I found about a correlation between this and swimming because sometimes when we get caught up in a day to day training, when we’re looking at times, when we’re looking at distance, sometimes we forget about how good it feels to just swim through the water.
Now, if you’re not on that stage where swimming is enjoyable, if it feels like a bit of a struggle, then I highly recommend that you go through the Mastering Freestyle Program and go through the drills. It’s so easy and you can enjoy it. So sometimes when I find I’m caught up in the hard training, sometimes I’m gonna do sessions by myself and just enjoy swimming and enjoy the experience of swimming up and down feeling the water move past you as you glide through the water and you’re getting a good feel for it.

And sometimes that’s the best way to get your mojo back for training, get your motivation back through racing is to just enjoy swimming. Because if you’re caught up in it, sometimes you can forget how good it feels just to swim through the water.

If you’d like to read the book ‘Born To Run’ to can get from Amazon as either a kindle, book or audio. It’s a really good read even if you’re not a runner. It pushed my belief about what’s possible for the human body to endure. Any hardcore athletes out there? 😉


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