How Body Composition Affects Your Swimming with Andre Ho-Peng. In this week’s podcast, we discuss everything relating to Body Composition and how it alters your swimming. Joining us is Andrew Ho-Peng, who is from DEXA Melbourne. A company that partners with the St. Kilda Football Club and the Collingwood Magpies Football Club to bring them better health through the DEXA scan, a scan that can tell you about your bone density, visual fat levels, lean muscle mass and many other things. Regarded as the best way to check your health and well-being, join us as Andrew explains how DEXA works, what it does and who it is best for as well as how it can help your swimming.01:37 – How DEXA began.

04:07 – Types of clients that benefit from DEXA.
05:33 – Metabolic health.
08:11 – The focus of DEXA.
10:36 – DEXA as a motivational tool.

Body Composition Specialists

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