Fuelling for a marathon swim has never been made so simple. Joining me in this weeks podcast is Tara Diversi, a swimmer who has invaluable experience when it comes to long-distance swimming. She has previously swum the English Channel and the Rottnest Channel to name a few. Tara works closely with a handful of swimmers each year to help them in the lead up to their marathon swims, she works with them to find a feeding and fueling approach that works for them.

In this episode we discuss:

03:09 РTara Diversi’s background.
05:01- Things to consider when deciding on the feeding plan.
07:39 – How freestyle stroke affects food digestion.
09:29 – Fat versus muscle.
10:54 – Keeping your core temperature up.
16:43 – Trial and error.
19:32 – The concept of multiple transportable carbohydrates.
22:28 – Training your gut.
28:32 – Putting on more fat without self-harming.

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