In this week’s podcast, we discuss everything related to coaching, swimming, and fasting.

Our guest for this episode is Bevan McKinnon. An Ironman University certified coach, McKinnon is accredited by Triathlon NZ and Bike NZ and is a NETFIT Stretch and Conditioning Coach as well as being an
elite level triathlete who has been in the triathlon scene for over fifteen years as both a coach and athlete.

Join us as we discuss what intermittent fasting is, what the ketogenic state is and how to train while fasting effectively. Bevan also gives us insight into coaching and much more in this
week’s podcast.

We also discuss our new products available in July, stay tuned for more info!

05:09- Everything about intermittent fasting.

08:35- Explaining ketosis.

11:29- Training while fasting.

21:34- The Satisfaction in coaching.

38:10- Speed reserves in swimming.

39:59 –Going from zero to hero.

To find out more about Bevan Mckinnon, please visit:

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