Ranell Hobson is the Coaching Director at The Academy of Sports Speed. She will share her experience in working with athletes at The Academy of Sports Speed and how their teachings cross over to swimmers and triathletes.

01:00 – Skills, Functional Movement, Elasticity, Power and Mechanics of The Sports
02:15 – Athletes’ Underdeveloped Skills
03:19 – The Bad Effects of a Sedentary Lifestyle
11:50 – Explosiveness off the blocks
17:01 – The Shift to Being Leaner
18:50 – The Forward Propulsion in Running
19:53 – Restriction in The Hips = Decrease in Running Performance
27:20 – Survey Says…
33:00 – Drills? Some more drills?
36:01 – The Importance of Individual Training

To learn more about Ranell and her work at The Academy of Sports Speed, visit academyofsportspeed.com

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