In Effortless Swimming’s Membership Program, one of the things that we talk about a lot is getting your stroke rate up in open water swimming. A lot of our athletes are triathletes and open water swimmers and in order to go faster in open water swims you might need to get your stroke rate up.

I find that one of the biggest things that stops swimmers from getting their stroke rate up is either they are kicking to big or kicking to hard. If your feet are coming to far apart in your kicks then it is not possible to get your stroke rate up. In order to take your next stroke then you need your feet to come back in the other direction. If you are kicking too big then you can’t physically get that other arm over without your legs coming back in the other direction.

The other thing is if you are kicking to hard then you are just going to gas yourself out very quickly. If you are kicking very hard then it is hard to get that stroke rate up unless you are doing a 50m sprint for example. If you want to get your stroke rate up, you will either need to not kick quite so hard or kick a little bit smaller in order to get those arms going over at a faster rate.

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That’s it for swimming news this week; I will see you next week.

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