In swimming news this week:

  • Freestyle vs Other Strokes In Training: Freestyle is the best stroke to use for aerobic and anaerobic sets. They are the longer sets where you’re training in the lower and medium heart rate zones. It’s harder to train these energy system with form stroke so even if you’re not a freestyler, it is the best stroke to use for these kinds of sets. Form stroke is best used for threshold and speed training. So those sets where you are doing repeat 50’s with a lot of rest but at high intensity and short & sharp sprints.
  • What A Typical Training Week Looks Like: With the squad I coach most swimmers do 3-4 sessions per week. Monday is our distance/aerobic day, Wednesday is sprint and Thursday and Saturday vary depending on what part of the season we are in. I usually mix in at least one session focused on technique, skills and drills.
  • What Training Gear I Use: At the start of each season I recommend my swimmers get four things. A pair of short fins ( I recommend the Finis or Arena short fins), hand paddles (I prefer Engine paddles), pull buoy and a front snorkel (Finis front snorkel).
  • Effortless Swimming And ‘Hard Work’: Last week I posted on Facebook about hard work and how it’s all worth it in the end. Someone asked the question; ‘How can it be effortless swimming if you’re still training hard’. When you go faster in swimming you need to stay relaxed. It’s not like riding a bike where you can tense up and push hard to go faster, swimming requires you to be relaxed. It doesn’t mean you don’t work damn hard in training! Listen to the Wayne Goldsmith interview about staying relaxed.
  • Open Water Videos: Triathletes and open water swimmers can get the edge this season with our open water video program, designed to help you finish ahead of your mates and competitors. Details to come soon.