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Breaststroke: How To Swim 10 Seconds Faster In 4 Weeks

I want to talk a little bit about breaststroke and what you can do to bring your times down, and be more relaxed, more comfortable and swim faster breaststroke. I got a email out from one of our Effortless Breaststroke customers this week and he’s been taking his son through some of the drills over […]


How to Continually Improve Your Swimming

Welcome to swimming news this week; this week we talk about the importance of consistency, why you should get flexibility tested and I have a back stroke and a breast stroke tip for you. 00:21 – Is Your Training Consistent? 01:22 – Flexibility Testing 02:25 – ‘World’s Best Swimmer’ Now Free 02:58 – Supercharging Your […]


How To Do Breaststroke Kick

Breaststroke kick is important if you want to be a good breaststroker. There are a number of ways you can improve your kick in order to swim faster. They are: Strength training – A powerful kick requires strong legs. Squats are the best gym excercise you can do for breaststroke kick. Stretching – Improve flexibility […]