Breaststroke kick is important if you want to be a good breaststroker. There are a number of ways you can improve your kick in order to swim faster. They are:

In the Effortless Breaststroke program you’ll discover the exercises and drills that elite swimmers do in training to perfect their technique and increase their speed.

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  1. Can we get an estimate of how many strokes is good to complete 50 meteres for 11 years old boy?

  2. Hi Ahmed,

    I’m not sure to be honest. It will depend on his type of technique and height. Keep in mind times are the most important thing when racing.

  3. Hi, For a national standard swimmer, can you explain the difference between 50,100 and 200m breast technique / timing. I have heard a lot about fly pull in breast, would you say its ok for 50 but not for 100 or 200, Thank you Clarkie

  4. Hi Brenton, Just watched your short vid on breastroke kick, I agree that kick on your front is a great drill to do, however not for the reasons you say. Fundamentally it can be used for another reason which blows you away when you do it. If you try it you will feel what I mean. I will let you know in the next email.
    I am good mates with Oli Wilkinson and Vicky here in Uk swim with Oli in the mornings and about to help Vix with her arm pull,(horrendous dropped elbow!)

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